An Apology & Resolution

So it is that time of the year where everyone looks back, takes inventory of the previous year and makes changes.

Personally I had an amazing year with the birth of my second daughter, 3rd Anniversary with my wife and 2nd birthday of my first daughter, to name a few. However, professionally I don’t think that I was the best version of myself that I could have/should have been.

I looked back at my menus of 2014 and as I read them I realized that I spent most of the year in a creative rut. I think I became complacent, relying on dishes that were “safe”. Dishes stayed on our menu entirely too long and I did not see the “special dishes” that I was proud of. Don’t get me wrong there were a few dishes that I was very proud of but for the most part my menus were boring in 2014.

For this I must apologize because I did not progress and push myself the way that I should have, and more importantly the way that the people walking up our stairs deserved. IM SORRY.

With the birth of a New Year comes a chance to make resolutions to make oneself better. A Chance to wipe the slate clean and start over, and that is exactly what I plan to do in 2015. This is my year!

Here are my Chef resolutions for 2015.

1) Pack as much flavor onto my plates that I can. I want people to taste my dishes and say “damn, thats the best X that I have ever had”.

2) Pay respect to ingredients and only put on a plate that which makes the central ingredient better.

3) Work with our farmers to bring in new ingredients that we can have fun with.

4) Not rest on my laurels and push myself as hard as I can.

5) Keep the menu fresh and not rely on “signature dishes” that are safe.

6) Go off and learn as much as I can to bring back to the kitchen to then give to our guests.

7) Push the boundaries of what I can do.

8) Dedicate myself to being the best craftsman that I can be.

9) Find inspiration everywhere!

10) More vegetarian dishes.

11) More seafood dishes.

I promise that I will never let what happened to my menus last year happen again. I am going to make Brookville a restaurant where people can find honest ingredients, cooked with love and enjoyment and treated with respect and whimsy; all while being taken care of as if you were a part of my family.

It starts today!

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