Brookville Boxes

My desire to bring everyone our AWESOME, HUGE Sandwiches is BACK!!!

Starting January 2 2015 we are proud to bring y’all Brookville Boxes. Tuesday-Sunday you can order one of our daily Sandwiches, an all-star line up of our Classic Sandwiches, that will come with┬áchips, our Famous Bacon Chip and a pickle during the week and with cornbread, honey butter and seasonal fruit salad during the weekend.

Brookville Boxes can be ordered up to the night before pick-up by restaurant closing either by phone at 434-202-2791 or by email at Boxes will be available for pickup at Brookville between 11-12 during the week and between 9:30-11 on the weekends (please indicate when in the pick-up time window you will be arriving to ensure the freshest possible sandwich)

The cost of these bountiful boxes will be $14 each.

Below is a list of the sandwiches available and what day you can get them:

Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich w/ Blue Cheese Dressing & Celery Salad

Wednesday: Seasonal House Roast Beef Sandwich

Thursday: The Clyde’s Big Easy (a Va Muffuletta) w/ Bologna, Ham, Salami, Gouda & Olive Salad

Friday: The Va Cuban w/ Slow Roasted Pork, Ham, Gouda, Pickle & Yellow Mustard

Saturday: Fried Chicken Biscuit w/ Bacon, Fried Egg, Frisee, Hot Sauce & Maple Syrup

Sunday: The Brook-Griddle – Maple Bacon Pancake, Gouda & Baked Egg Sandwich

We can’t wait to bring y’all our Big Delicious Sandwiches so order your Brookville Boxes!

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